China Starwin Briefing

China Starwin Science & Technology Co., Ltd (Starwin) is well positioned to provide cost &high effective solutions for Chinese and global satellite communications requirements. As a Chinese leading antenna manufacturer, Starwin always continue to devote to the Innovative engineering solutions by supplying evolutionary flat terminal, VSAT Antenna, on the move Rx only antenna for vehicle and shipping vessel etc. Besides that, Starwin can also supply earth station antenna from 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3m, 3.7m, 4.5m, 5.3m, 6.2m, 7.3m, 9m, 11m, 13m, 16m C, Ku, X, Ka band etc. With installation and commission test, training services, flyaway antenna, vehicle mounted antenna, on the move antenna and maritime antenna etc.


Thanks for 3S management principle -Superiority Quality, Speed response, Service -Tailor made service and SMART working principle implementing into actual manufacturing and operation, Starwin has already established long term sound partnership with Satellite operators such as Intelsat, Eutelsat, SES, Arabsat etc. and Modem supplier (Hughes, iDirect, UHP, TSAT, Newtec etc) and also has distributors in North America, South America and Middle America, MENA and South East Asia etc. Starwin 's antenna has gained world-wide recognition from all over the world such as Europe (Germany, France, Russia, Greece, France, UK, Israel etc, USA, Mexico, Africa(South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, DRC, Seychelles, Tanzania, Mauritania, Middle East (Iran, UAE etc), South America (Brazil, Peru) Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Phillippine, Pakistan) etc.  And China Starwin will continue to devote to world Satellite communication industry by Making the Antenna of The Future and Make Satellite Simple & Easy.

Products & Service Range 
Starwin is leading satellite equipment and solution provider specialized in design, development and manufacturing 4 main new types of antenna and 4 regular main types of antenna:

New type: 
1)Terminal: Fixed terminal & portable terminal 

2) Electronically Scanning antenna
3) VSAT Antenna 
4) OTM antenna (COTM) & Mobile Satellite TV Antenna 

image Starwin factory
Regular type:
1) Earth station antenna from 1.8m, 2.4m, 3m, 3.7m, 4.5m, 6.2m, 7.3m, 9m, 11m, 13m, 16m in C, Ku, X, Ka band etc.
2) Flyaway antenna (manual & auto deploy), 
3) Rx only antenna
4) Vehicle mounted antenna 

And other antenna products such as customized antenna, marinetime antenna, antenna controller and tracking receiver, feed system etc. In addition, Starwin is well known for providing adept customization to meet specific needs and requirements.


Not only supplying these antenna system products, Starwin can also provide complete satellite communications network systems integration including presales analysis, system designing and installation, commissioning test, training, maintenance etc, maximizing the technical and commercial benefits for global customers with better ratio of cost, performance, quality and reliability. Starwin products and services have been worldwide apply to the satellite ground terminals of Military, Government Agencies, Broadcasting, Financial Institutions, Energy resource, Transportation, Business, remote education & Telemedicine, Disaster recover, Emergency response etc.