High Qualified products

Thanks to the super quality control and supervise under ISO9001-2015 management system, Starwin's antenna system products has undertake very strict production procedure from raw material selection, semi products to finished products , and strict tests has also been done to guarantee antenna products super quality electrically, mechanically and environmentally by utilizing sophisticated test facilities. All these ensure China Starwin antenna specification can quite well meet FCC Regulation 25.209, IESS and ITU-RS 580-5, INMARSAT, ASIASAT, INTELSAT, APT and CHINASAT and RASCOM etc. 



Global Recognition

Thanks to 3S(Superiority, Speed, Service) management system and Smart Working Principle (Smart, Measurable, Starwin offers our global customers the versatile and cost effective solution with superior antenna products at highest speed with tailor–made service, this not only contributes to cost reduction for our customer, but also provide significant value –added advantages through facilitating our customers’ work, improving our customers’ working efficiency, using our in-depth knowledge of sectors, cost reduction, delivery improvement, and complementary services etc. Therefore, Starwin has successfully achieved sustainable growth and development by providing our superiority antenna products and service for our global customers in Satcom industry such as Satellite operator, broadcaster, system integrator, network provider, turn key provider, telecom operator, VSAT user, Satcom equipment provider, offshore business provider etc. 

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Mission & Vision

Starwin's mission is to Make The Antenna Of The Future & Make Smart Terminal, always focusing on customer's demands by providing superior &innovative antenna products with cost effective solution and better tailor-made service to create more& sustainable value for our customers.
Starwin's vision is to Make Satellite Simple & Easy, by providing high integration cost effective Satcom terminal solution.