2020 Annual Meeting of China Starwin

- Jan 21, 2020-

2020 Annual Meeting of China Starwin

Farewell to the unforgettable 2019  and look forward a better 2020. In the afternoon of January 17, the China Starwin 2020 annual meeting was held ceremoniously.



The conference was grandly opened in the wonderful and vivid speech of chairman James Li. In the new era of big space economy, Starwin adopts the correct strategic guidance and the company vision "make satcom simple and easy". Adhere to development and production of intelligent, integrated and miniaturized VSAT flat terminal. In 2019, all members forge ahead and dare to make breakthroughs to make Starwin become a famous new high-tech production enterprise in the field of Satcom ground equipments. Thanks to the efforts of all, in 2020, we will seize the day and never lose the time and strive to achieve our goals. Later, COO Amelia Liu and the managements of each departments summarized the work of past year, and made a good prospect and goal setting for the work of the new year. The meeting commended and rewarded the company's advanced individuals in 2019.





At this annual meeting, versatile employees created and performed a variety of art programs. Starting from "wolf disco" dance,beautiful songs, intense guessing games, etc. pushed the party to the climax one after another, and the interspersed lottery drawed the climax of the whole party.



The party ended perfectly in the chorus of "true hero" by the core leadership.The annual meeting is full of songs and dances, released our tense pressure and made us get together to have fun. This is a serious, tense and lively Starwin people.


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