A Vocational Experience Lesson-- Xichuan Middle School Students Visit Starwin

- Nov 15, 2019-

A Vocational Experience Lesson-- Xichuan Middle School Students Visit Starwin

Last week,more than 20 teachers and students from Xichuan middle school visit China Starwin Science & technology Co., LTD., (HQ) to learn about the changes brought by the satellite communication industry. Under the guidance of Ms. Liuchunjie, vice President of the company and experienced engineers in the R&D center, they started their study tour.



The students and teachers are guided by our R&D center engineer Liuminghui visiting the exhibition hall, office area, production workshop and test site...


During the visit process, engineer introduced our integration new generation of satellite communications portable satellite broadband terminals. Let the students intuitively understand the production process and operating principle of the product. After the visit, the engineer explained the origin, development and application of the satellite communication industry to the teachers and students with PPT combined with the theoretical knowledge of the students, so that the students could have a deeper understanding of the technology of the satellite communication industry, cultivated the students' interest in learning, and determined their future learning direction.


During the whole process, each student listened to the explanation of the product and application with enthusiasm. They actively took notes to record their doubts and questions. In the final Q & A session, all their doubts were answered one by one. With the development of satellite communication industry, the company not only focuses on product R & D and promotion, but also hopes to influence the next generation of the motherland. The company hope the students know the industry and develop interest, to do their own responsibility for the development of China's satellite communications industry !



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