New release for Satcom On The Move antenna OTM45

- Aug 22, 2019-

We will release our new Satcom On The Move antenna OTM45 system soon, it is specially designed for HTS satellites, with integrated 3W BUC and LNB. 

This is very cost-effective solution, with our flat panel antenna technology we make the antenna profile low to 260mm, lower than most of the antennas in the market. 

OTM45 antenna-1

Technical Specifications


The System Parameter

1)       Working Frequency: Rx: 10.70~12.75 GHz  Tx: 13.75~14.5 GHz

2)       Antenna Gain: Rx: ≥32dBi @12.75 GHz   Tx: ≥33dBi @14.50 GHz

3)       Antenna Type: Flat panel horn array antenna

4)       Polarization: LP/CP (Can be changed by software)

5)       Tx/Rx Polarization: According to Modem information, change through software

6)       Tx Power ≥3W

7)       Rx LO.: 10.6/9.75GHz (Switching through 22K)

8)       Tracking Accuracy ≤0.3°

9)       GPS: Built In

10)    Colour: White (More than 500 units can be customized according to user needs)

11)    Protection Level: IP66

12)    Stable Mode of Base: Stability of two axes

13)    Weight: 26Kg (Include mounting plate)

14)    Outline Size (Preliminary design, in the process of optimization, it may be smaller).

Cover Height: 260 mm (Include mounting bracket)

Cover Diameter: 796X1098mm


Tracking Performance

1)       Tracking Mode: Combining inertial measurement with signal tracking.

2)       Capture Time of First Boot: <120s; Repeat Boot <30s

3)       Recapture Time After loss: Instantaneous capture (less than 2S)

4)       Azimuth Range: N×360°Unlimited, continuous

5)       Elevation Range: 0~90º

6)       Polarization Range: 0~270º(The polarization is controlled by software)

7)       Tracking Rate:

Azimuth: ≥100º/s

Elevation: ≥80º/s

Roll: ≥80º/s

8)       Max Angular Acceleration: Az ≥800º/s²; El ≥600º/ s²

9)       Max Car Body Movement: ±20°


Structural Dimensions

The outline dimension(L×W×H): 1098 × 796 × 260mm


Power Supply

1)       Power Supply

AC: AC96~265V/50Hz

DC: DC10~26V

2)       System Power Consumption: less than 180W (Average)


Cable Interface: F-Type Connector


Working environment conditions

1)       Working Temperature: -25℃~55℃

2)       Relative Humidity: 0%~98%

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