Starwin Chairman give lecture at China Satellite conference 2019 !

- Nov 06, 2019-

China Starwin Chairman,Senior satellite expert: Mr.James Li,give a lecture at the China Satellite conference 2019 !

    The bustling 2019 satellite conference came to an end. With the technological advancement in the field of Satcom and the drive of domestic and international market, the Satcom has undergone historical changes. 0

    The most exciting part of the exhibition was a lecture by the senior satellite expert and Chairman of China Starwin, James Li, on the development trend of broadband Satcom systems and terminals for the participating elites, clarifying that the current business opportunities for satellite communications are increasing. 0 (2)

    The voice of satellite operators, satellite telecom operators and satellite RF producers has been increased. While satellite ground systems and terminals are undergoing a process of new and old conversions to provide more opportunities for ground terminal manufacturers. 0 (4)

    The lectures are clear in perspective and thought-provoking.In the afternoon roundtable forum, the national team's China Satcom, Asia-Pacific satellites, aerospace stars, well-known foreign companies SES, VIASAT, GILAT, etc. gathered together to explore the upstream and downstream of the satellite industry chain, which also attracted the focus of the entire conference elite colleagues, brilliant !

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