Starwin CL45 Mobile Satellite TV Antenna Won Widespread Praise in India Trains Project

- Sep 05, 2019-

China Starwin CL45 Mobile Satellite TV Antenna

Won Widespread Praise in India Trains Project

Our Engineer helped customers with sample order testing in India this week, the test is very successful. Our antenna worked well and received highly praise from customers. It is reported that this sample order is for the preparation of a large railway trains bid, customers will place a big order.Congratulations!



General Description of mobile satellite TV antenna CC/CL45

China Starwin CC45/CL45 Mobile Satellite TV antenna is the innovative mobile SatTV solution that provides live satellite TV channels to SUVs, buses, trains and other vehicles, while in the driving.

With built-in LNB, Receiver, GPS and motorized tracking system, this antenna system also combines advanced navigation attitude system and servo control system perfectly, making the antenna fast and accurately track to the satellite, and keeping the good stability when watching television programs all the way.


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