Starwin- Strong Team and Uninterrupted Service

- Mar 04, 2020-

Amelia , COO of Starwin' first business trip to Starwin Headquarter in Cheng Du after Chinese Spring Festival in 2020! Although the coronavirus has not completely disappeared but under good control after Chinese government implemented efficient &strong measures, Starwin, a innovative Hi tech company providing emergency recovery satellite communications terminals, has been working for three weeks to ensure satellite terminal’s timely supply for Domestic Emergency recovery department and Intelsat Flex Move service’s end user even when most of companies in the whole nation was under isolation and stop production . 



The hard-working Starwin R & D, production, technology and sales teams always consider “Make Satcom Simple & Easy”as their own responsibility , devote to give speedy response and tailor made service with High compact auto terminal , enabling the remote location to gain high data and broadband connectivity to access emergent phone call ,video reporting and data transmitting and receiving, full meeting high speed , efficient and affordable satellite communication needs.