0.76m Ka Band VSAT Antenna Satcom Dish for Satellite Internet

1. 76cm Ka band VSAT satellite dish antenna
2. Commercial/ Military Ka-band frequency
3. One-piece precision steel reflector
4. High performance feeder
5. Fine Az/El adjustment and pedestal system
6. Most cost-effective solution
7. Mass production
8. Designed for most ka-band Transceivers
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Product Details

China Starwin 0.76 M KA BAND VSAT ANTENNA


General Description of 0.76m Ka VSAT antenna

China Starwin 0.76 m Ka band VSAT antenna is the robust, high performance and most cost-effective satellite antenna dish designed for Ka-band transmit and receive operation worldwide, for broadband service on High-Throughput Satellites (HTSs).

This new 0.76m Ka band dish antenna provides a fine reflector with a stretch formed steel panel and the high performance ka band feeder.

The special designed azimuth over elevation pedestal provides a cost-effective solution for ground or roof installation with high stiffness, stability and good wind resistance.

The electrical performance is compliant with FCC and ITU-RS-580 sidelobe specifications and Intelsat, Eutelsat, SES, AsiaSat, ChinaSat, etc requirement.

Features of 76cm Ka band VSAT antenna

● 76cm Ka band VSAT satellite dish antenna

● Commercial/ Military Ka-band frequency

● One-piece precision steel reflector

● High performance feeder

● Fine Az/El adjustment and pedestal system

● Most cost-effective solution

● Mass production

● Designed for most ka-band Transceivers

Technical Specification

Item No.

SWKA76-CP2 (Starwin 0.76m Ka band antenna)

Antenna Diameter


Antenna Type


Antenna Pedestal Type


Antenna Drive Mode


Frequency Range

Tx: 28GHz~31GHz Rx: 18.2 GHz~21.0GHz

Antenna Gain(dBi)

Tx: G≥44.0+20lg(f/29.5) Rx: G≥41.0+20lg(f/19.95)




Circular or Liner

First Sidelobe

≤-14.5 dB

Feed Interface

Rx port: WR42, Tx port: WR28

Driving range

Azimuth: ±85°under Elevation: 5º~85º

Operation Wind Speed

28 m/s

Working Temperature

-40℃~+70℃ (outdoor)

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