Mobile Satellite TV Antenna SM10 S-band

Mobile satellite TV antenna for S-band
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S band mobile satellite TV antenna

1. Drawing :

S band-2.jpgS band-1.jpg

2. Radiation Pattern



3. Main specification

*Operation Frequency: 2600~2655MHz

*Polarization: RHCP&LHCP Switchable by a button

*G/T: >-19dB/K @ elevation 20°;

>-17dB/K @ elevation 30°;

>-14dB/K @ elevation 60°;

>-15dB/K @ elevation 70°;

*Cross Polarization: >15dB @ elevation 20°;

>20dB @ elevation 40°;

>15dB @ elevation 70°;

(Try to reach cross polarization specification’s request, final products subject to the actual production )

*Noise Figure: <0.8dB

*Active Gain: a)19dB;

b) 27dB;

c) >30dB;

*LO Phase Noise: -50dBc@1KHz;



*Output P1dB: >0dBm

*Size: 15cm*2cm(Diameter*Height)

*DC Voltage: 12V

4. Configuration:

* flat panel antenna with filter

* outer cover



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