Satellite flat panel antenna weather fastness

- Jul 29, 2019-

Considering the outdoor operational environment, we design our satellite flat panel antenna weather fastness in high level to meet most application conditions. 

Now we will show the details from appearance, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, heat dissipation and deicing aspects. 


1.      What kind of practical effect does the radome have?

It has the function of protecting antenna, waterproof, dust-proof and ultraviolet ray-proof.


2.      The material for cover is ultraviolet-resistant for more than 5 years, did you do real UV exposure test?

The materials we are using are professionally customized, based on the existing ASA materials, wave transmissivity materials are added, it not only ensures the weatherability and strength of materials, but also ensures the wave transmissivity of materials.




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3.      What is the waterproof performance of satellite flat panel antenna?

The Terminal is designed according to IP66 level. If Switch need the requirements of IP67, we can modify the design, and the cost of Terminal will increase;


Design Purpose Based on IP66 Level: The whole product will only work under heavy rainfall conditions, not under water immersion conditions.  Generally speaking, the protection level of global outdoor satellite communication products is IP66.


Method name: Water projected in powerful jets

Test equipment: 12.5 mm nozzle

Test conditions: The distance between the test sample and the nozzle is as follows: 2.5m ~ 3m, water volume: 100 L/min (6000 L/h)

Test time: According to the surface area of the shell of the tested sample, 1 minute per square meter (Excluding installation area) for at least 3 minutes


And some parts are not waterproof. The plastic shell on the back of the antenna is designed to prevent water from being blocked from spraying in every direction. So that water can not be directly sprayed on the motor and other devices, and the motor has a certain waterproof, the motor servo part is not waterproof, the servo is sealed in the box, so the part of the system can achieve waterproof IP67, but the waterproof requirement of our terminal system is IP66, we can also upgrade the motor independently according to the user’s requirements, of course, this need to be customized specially.


The power adapters of the terminal can be replaced with waterproof IP67 products, but the weight of the power adapters will double.


4.      How to monitor the temperature inside the satellite flat panel antenna?

The system is equipped with the special power management board to manage the power supply of each functional module, including the control of the cooling fan. Temperature sensors are also installed on the power management board. The power management board will control the operation of the cooling fan according to the temperature data of the temperature sensor to reduce the temperature inside the housing.


There are three heat dissipation fans inside the equipment, only one of which is the original heat dissipation fan of the Modem, which is directly connected to the modem (the modem can detect). The other two heat dissipation fans are controlled by power management board. In this way, the modem system can only detect one fan, and the other two fans are controlled by the power management board according to the temperature data.


In this way, internal heat balance can be achieved, local overheating can be prevented, and heat dissipation can be fully utilized by the shell conduction.


5.      Need deicing device in satellite terminal?

If the satellite terminal works in high latitudes, the climate is relatively cold. most of the antenna surface is tilted, terminal is built-in the Modem, BUC, LNB, power and other components which are all heat generators, they will deliver heat to the top of the antenna to keep the radome temperature which can above 0 degrees, so it won't freeze; The terminal works in low latitudes, the climate is relatively high, it will not freeze, so there is no need to specially design the de-icing device. If a customer needs a built-in de-icing device, our company has mature technology and is very easy to implement.

6.      Can satellite terminal be customized to other colors?

The satellite terminal can change the color according to the user's requirement, the users can make color requests, and we can make changes in mass production, All parts are produced in batches with moulds. Plastic parts are made by adding masterbatches to the injection material to achieve the final desired color. This product has the best consistency and appearance. Antennas can be designed in different colors according to customers' requirements, but they must have a certain order quantity, the cost will be relatively high, delivery will be relatively long. If you want to know more information, please communicate with our sales department.


7.      Flat panel satellite Terminal Structural and Thermal Analysis

Key Components Force Analysis: Fully analysis the use of the product scene, the use of requirements, the use of characteristics; The operation habits of various regional personnel, professional and non-professional operation habits; The comprehensive analysis of the product tolerance, product inclusiveness, and so on, and then carry out demonstration analysis, design calculation, test system verification, and finally form the product




Key Components Thermal Analysis:



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