Bluetooth and WiFi For uSat Flat panel satellite antenna

- Aug 05, 2019-

Stawin flat panel satellite antenna integrates the Bluetooth and WiFi module for better connections. The Bluetooth is used for connection between mobile APP and flat panel satellite antenna, and the WiFi is used for Internet access for mobile phone or PC.

1.    Can the SSID and password for the uSat Flat Panel Satellite Antenna be changed?

The SSID and password can be changed, but it can't be modified by APP. You need connect the WiFi router, then modified the SSID and password.


But it should be noted that, these modifications are only for the local machine, the Modified passwords and SSIDs need to be remembered.


2.      The internal wifi can be disabled in the accompanying iOS/Android app?

No, the internal routers are not supported to be disabled currently. But you can use APP to turn off WiFi function.


3.      Special users (government, army) need to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth functions. How to achieve this?

The Bluetooth mode is most convenient to configure data for most users (civil use), and the parameters set by users through Bluetooth will be stored in ACU. The default parameters will be used automatically in the pointing process of next boot. Normally, after a satellite parameter is set by a customer, there is no need to change other satellite parameters repeatedly, and no need to configure the terminal repeatedly through Bluetooth.

WiFi function is just an optional component, if the users do not need this function, we don't need to install this component, we can also turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth in some physical ways at same time.

For military or special markets, if the wireless devices (such as Bluetooth and WIFI) are not required or configured. We can develop PC software similar to APP settings for viewing functions.



4.      The network connection diagram is as follows


Take the iDirect X7 modem as an example: The LNA1 interface of Modem is used as a debug interface to connect to the switch directly, and it is distributed to the ACU and the outside of the antenna (Used to update configuration files for customers). The function of LNA2 ~ LNA5 is same, connect one of the LAN2 ~ LAN5 interfaces to the router to provide the WiFi function, uses one of the LAN2 ~ LAN5 interfaces to provide the internet access.

DEBUG1: MODEM debugging;

DEBUG2: ACU debugging, it is used for remote update ACU program.

LAN, the user uses the port to access the Internet directly.



5.      What is the performance of WiFi routing?

Support IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b(at 2.4GHz)

Up to 20 users

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