Flat Panel Antenna VS Parabolic Antenna

- Aug 16, 2019-

Flat Panel Antenna VS Parabolic Antenna

Comparing the Starwin flat panel antenna with the traditional parabolic antenna, below are the simple information from our opinions:


Parabolic Antenna

Shape: Parabolic reflector with curved surface

Working principle: Reflection, efficiency 30-65%

Material: SMC or steel, easy corrosion and aging

Packing: Bigger size packing

Assembly: Need assembly before using

Integration: Cable or WG connection with RF


Flat Panel Antenna

Shape: Flat surface

Working pinciple: Radiation, efficiency 80-95%

Material: ASA, weatherability for 5+ years

Packing: Regular shape and packing, small size

Assembly: Free of assembly and installation

Integration with modem, BUC, LNB etc all in one

Starwin flat panel satellite terminal can work on any Satellite and We do have distibutor in America, South East Asia and work pretty well with Intelsat as their List supplier and our terminal has finished integration with Hughes Hx200, HT2300, iDirect X7, IQ200(under Testing, finish inSept)UHP200,210, Newtec3100, 2500, 3310(under testing, finish inSept),Comtech570AL, Space Bridge7400, Gilat modem(under testing, finish inSept. We also have more close relationship with different countries service providers and integrators by providing them innovative next generation flat panel terminal with the unique features as below:

1) High integration-All in one integrate all flat panel antenna, Modem , Buc,LNB wifi, Power Supply in all unit.

2) Smart design with patented technology For RF components,structure , material used , heat dissaption , software etc.

3)light weight (around18kg including backpackbag)and small size.

4) Plug &play: no need professional Engineer to do installation , connection and cabling. Free of maintenance.

5) Cost effective solution, compared with Satcube, Kymeta, Paradigm etc. which are 1-3times higher price than Starwin terminal.

All in all, Starwin terminal make Satellite Communication Simple &Easy and make end user convenient , fast and Happy. And all will benefit all the relative partners .

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