Mobile APP for Flat Panel Satellite Antenna

- Aug 07, 2019-

Many customers are wondering how to switch the satellites when using our flat panel satellite antenna, we have the mobile APP to help operate and check the runing data of satellite terminal.

And it support IOS and Android platform.


1.      APP refers to applications, right?

Yes, the App is an application which run on the iOS and Android platform, and it can help you to set and modify the satellite parameter, at the same time, it can monitor the operating status of the uSat Satellite Terminal.


2.      Where is APP located – within the flat panel satellite antenna terminal or remotely?

The App is installed on the mobile terminals of the iOS and Android platform (smart phones or iPhone or iPad).


3.      What happens if your phone stops working?

If the mobile phone stops working, Satellite Terminal will use the last satellite parameters for satellite alignment; if it is an automatic satellite terminal, it will automatically complete satellite alignment; if it is a manual and fixed satellite terminal, it can use OLED to display the elevation and polarization angle for manual alignment. Please refer to Satellite Terminal's instructions specifically.


4.      Will APP save historical operation data?

The APP can save satellite parameters set by customers (such as satellite longitude, pointing mode, polarization, LNB local oscillation frequency, etc.). It can not save real-time data of terminals (such as signal quality, maximum signal quality, real-time elevation value and polarization value, etc, because these data are displayed in real time).


5.      Is there anyway to connect a lap-top to watch what is happening?  

At present, it is not open to the outside. Later, it will make a unified plan to design a PC-based host, which is for monitoring and basic settings, if the equipment needs to be upgraded, we will send the upgraded firmware to the distributor.


6.      What kinds of operating languages are supported by APP?

Chinese, English, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese are currently supported, and other languages are also being adapted.


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