How To Install Flat Panel ON THE MOVE Antenna

- Jun 28, 2019-

Flat panel on the move antenna system is divided into two parts to install: antenna & turntable and ACU. The ACU installed in the car cabinet, and the remaining parts installed in the roof of the vehicle. When installing, use bolt connect with roof mounting frame, threaded holes are arranged on the roof mounting frame.



After the installation of the system, and the cable connection is completed, we need to check the cable connection, after the confirmation, turn UPS" switch, turn on "Integrated power - Satellite antenna” power supply switch, turn on the ACU front panel's switch, system can automatically run. The specific working procedure is as follows:


Static Start-up: Turn on the ACU power supply--GPS/ Beidou Positioning—Receive reference signal--Antenna searching satellite-- Antenna locking satellite—BUC Tx open--Antenna tracking satellite;


Dynamic Start-up: Turn on the ACU power supply--GPS/ Beidou Positioning- -INS locking--Receive 10MHz reference signal--Antenna locking satellite--BUC Tx open--Antenna tracking satellite;


The antenna control unit directly installed in the car standard cabinet, flat panel on both sides of the surface mounting rail, rail and cabinet is connected. Installation is completed, connect the control cable, ACU power supply cable, If you want to control the antenna by PC, please make the ACU remote control cable connect with the ACU "Remote control” interface, the other end connected to multiple serial server UPort.


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