Is This Simply a Flat Panel Antenna? No, This Is The uSat All-in-one Satellite Terminal

- Jul 18, 2019-

Flat Panel Antenna system

-Fixed Satellite Terminal (Tripod-mount optional)

*Plug and Play (AC, DC optional)

*All in one with flat panel antenna, Modem, BUC, LNB, WiFi

*No installation cost, free of maintenance

*Working for IoT and Broadband Access


Flat Panel Antenna System

-Portable VSAT Terminal (Manual & Auto optional)

*All-in-one, fully integrated flat panel antenna, Modem, BUC, LNB, WiFi, Power Supply

*Higher gain efficiency

*Small Size, Light weight for backpack

*Ease of operation & secure satellite lock in 3 min


Satellite terminal

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