Power Consumption For USAT Flat Panel Antenna Terminal

- Jul 09, 2019-

For the whole satellite network, the customer may consider for the power consumption for uSat flat panel antenna satellite terminal, now we show them as below:

For the FL60P-E would you please provide the specification for when the mechanical steering system is moving the panel panel, as well as when it is in a fixed position after acquiring the satellite?

Power consumption     Auto pointing (Rotation): 120W (3W BUC)

                                     Networking: 85W (3W BUC)

Power consumption     Manual pointing: 85W, (Include 3W BUC and modem)


Power consumption     Auto pointing (Rotation): 160W (8W BUC)

                                      Networking: 120W (8W BUC)

Power consumption     Manual pointing: 120W, (Include 8W BUC and modem)



The Power Consumption of Flat Satellite Terminal (Manual, AC type)

When working in the network, we use the 3W BUC, the power is 85W, this data is the maximum power, it involves power conversion efficiency.

The following data are the measured average power of the flat terminal: 65W, it's not instantaneous power.


Component Name

Average Power (W)







ACU module (Integrated routers, WIFI, DVB, etc.)


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