Power Supply For USAT Flat Terminal

- Jul 04, 2019-

Power Supply for uSAT flat terminal

1.      DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply, No battery, Adapter power supply range: +22.5~+26.0V

DC Power Supply, Have battery, Adapter power supply range: +25.5~+27.2V


2.      DC Power Supply Interface (No Battery)






3.      Waterproof of Power Adapter

There is not the power adapter with waterproof function in the standard configuration.

The power adapters of the terminal can be replaced with waterproof IP67 products, but the weight of the power adapters will double.


4.      For operation using internal battery, please advise type or size battery can be used. And how long operation (assumed using 4w BUC).

A. At present, the built-in battery pack is specially customized by China Starwin. It is composed of 30 Sanyo NCR 18650GA 3500mah cores, and equipped with the battery protection board. The dimension of the battery pack is 205×95×40mm. The charging voltage of the battery protection board is 25.5V, and it has the functions of over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit protection and over temperature protection.


B. If 4W BUC is used, take the NJT5307 series 4W Standard Ku band BUC as an example, its maximum power consumption is 37W. The average power consumption of Terminal is 80W (The Terminal is entering the normal communication mode after the pointing process is complete). At present, the built-in battery pack can support the operation of equipment for 3 hours.


5.      If using this internal battery do this need additional equipment such as inverter or converter?

If the customer uses this built-in battery pack, the customer needs to use the adapter provided by our company.


6.      If will use solar panel or wind power, power to terminal is AC 220V?

There are two power input modes for Terminal, AC and DC, so the customer can use the solar panels and the wind power, we can configure the internal power components according to the power supply environment. At present, we have the application cases of photovoltaic sites.


7.      Is optional DC power supply via PoE?

No. Currently, PoE power input does not supported.


According to the IEEE802.3at standard, the PoE switch can supply the power to one device with the maximum power consumption of less than 25W. It is not possible to output more than 25W using the PoE Power Injector. And our Terminal power consumption is much larger than 25W, so it is impossible to power the Terminal through PoE.

Terminal provides two power supply options, one is DC power supply, and other one is AC power supply.


Only one of the two power supply can be selected.



8.      The Description of DC Cable Pin For Terminal

A. Line Order




Brown, Gray


Yellow green line, Black


B. Drawing



Note: When the device is connected to an external battery or other power supply device, the power button of the terminal should be in a pop-up state.