Flat Panel Satellite Terminal Built-in Components

- Jul 19, 2019-

Starwin Flat panel satellit terminal is the ALL-IN-ONE satellite terminal, including high gain flat panel antenna, Modem, BUC, LNB, WiFi, receiver, Power supply etc. 

The flat panel satellite terminal system can work as the remote VSAT station with most teleports and HUB system, as we designed with the universal modems with iDirect, Hughes, Newtec, Comtech, UHP, Gilat, etc. 

Please see more details for the integrated components.


1.      The Size Requirements of Modem

A. Modem (Exclude the Power Supply), the available region parameter for the plane projection limit: 265mm*180mm (If the Modems that do not exceed the requirement of this parameter, the Modem can be integrated; If the Modem larger than this parameter, the customer need to communicate with us, discuss the specific configuration requirements and layout, we can ultimately determine whether integration is possible.)


B. Modem(Include the Power Supply)  the available region parameter for the height limit:  The Bottom element of PCB ﹤10 mm

The Up element of PCB: Max height 38 mm

C. The specific parameters can be based on the difference of the modem and the power supply, to realize the non standard global layout design.



2.      Requirement of Ku-Band BUC (8W)


Technical Specifications

Input Frequency


Input Impedance


Output Impedance


L.O Frequency

12.8 GHz

Input VSWR


Output VSWR


Input Interface


Output Interface


Output Frequency


Output Power (linear)


Linear Gain


Gain Fluctuation

40 MHz frequency band: ± 0.75 dB

Whole working frequency band : ± 2dB

Whole working temperature range : ± 2 dB

Three Order Intermodulation (IMD3)

≤-26 dBc dual tone interval 5MHz @ Total   power output 36dBm

L.O leakage

≤-45 dBm


≤-55 dBc

External Reference

10MHz (Power: -5 to +5dBm)

Phase Noise






Working Temperature

-40 deg C to +55 deg C

Storage Temperature

-55 deg C to +85 deg C


Max 100%

Working Voltage

+15~+30V DC

Power Consumption


Built-in Function

When the L.O is un-locked, the Tx   is switched off automatically.

Size / Weight



Structure Diagram



3.      Is there something specific about installing/integrating the modem board that requires this to be undertaken at the Terminal?

A. EMC design: Design the path of all kinds of signal cables and power cables for reasonable layout;

B.  According to the heating position and power consumption of Modem, the heat dissipation scheme is designed reasonably;

C. Installation and connection structure design based on Modem PCB board;

D. Verification test: After the completion of the terminal integration by China Starwin, it is also necessary to test the reasonableness of the design of the EMC and the heat dissipation scheme.



4.      List of supported integrated Modems

iDerect X7,Comtech 570AL,Hughes HX200,Hughes HT2300,LinkStar S2A, iPSTAR IPX_3200, TSAT 4000,UHP200 and so on.



5.      Which part will buy the Modem, customer or China Starwin? And how to install the modem module?

If modem has regional restrictions, it is recommended to be purchased by customers; Modem has no regional restrictions and can be purchased by us, of course, it can also be purchased by users.

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