What is the flat panel antenna system?

- Jul 02, 2019-

What is the flat panel antenna system? This is the frequently asked question from customer once they first see our product, now we answer here below.

Why is it called Satellite Terminal?Why not called Satellite Antenna?

As the name suggests, the Satellite Terminal is a product and a solution. Relative to the traditional antenna (Parabolic antenna), the ultimate goal of the Terminal is to solve the problems of user installation, operation and maintenance, all types of users are fully facilitated.


What is the application of this satellite terminal?

Due to fast, simple and easy deployment, the uSat flat panel antenna portable terminals are suitable for emergency, military, security, government and enterprise communication applications. Portable uSat flat terminals can be deployed within short time to achieve reliable data, voice and video transfer services in areas without terrestrial networks coverage or in places where a temporary communication is required.


What is a uSat Satellite Terminal?

uSat is plug and play type satellite communication system,the system is basically without installation and connection, effectively reducing operation cost and maintenance cost.


What types does uSat Satellite Terminal have?

The uSat Satellite Terminal has many types to meet different application scenarios of different customers.

We have the fixed type, manual type, the auto type and the foldable type at the moment.

The frequency range cover Ku band (Tx: 13.75-14.5GHz, Rx: 10.95-12.75 GHz).


What is the polarization type?

The uSat Satellite Terminal is linear polarization, the polarization angle is physically adjusted (manually or automatically) by the polarization adjusting mechanism.


Where can I install the flat panel antenna satellite terminal?

In fact, you can install it anywhere, it can effectively save labor costs and improve the normal working time of the system. it is the ideal application of the government, army, enterprises and individuals.


How to install the uSat?

1. The Fixed uSat Satellite Terminal needs to install on the wall or Pole by bolt connection

2. Auto/Manual uSat Satellite Terminal has an extremely powerful portability,it does not need installation. 


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