Starwin FL30P Integrated Broadband Portable Terminal

Starwin FL30P Integrated Broadband Portable Terminal

● Integration: Antenna, RF, Baseband and Power supply are integrated into a whole miniaturization: smaller than parabolic terminal ● Lightweight: Lighter than parabolic shape terminal ● Convenience: Easy to carry, deploy, stow, transport and maintain ● Standardization: It is suitable for integration of small-dimension baseband equipment of mainstream equipment manufacturers. ● Economy: Cost performance is higher than the traditional form terminals
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Product Details

Fl30P series integrated satellite broadband Terminal is a satellite communication. solution independently developed and intellectual property rights by China Starwin. Fl30P series integrated satellite communication terminal has completely changed the standard parabolic form used for satellite communication for a long time, and is the real next generation of satellite communication terminal.

The Overall Solution of High Integration

Fl30p integrated satellite broadband portable terminal adopts advanced high gain slotted waveguide array antenna and integrates necessary components of satellite communication: Antenna system, RF unit, Servo system, Satellite modem, Wireless router and Power supply system, which makes FL30P completely separated from the traditional Parabolic form, with a simpler appearance and structure, and more convenient for transportation and operation which completely solves the problem that the traditional satellite portable station system is not portable.

Easy to Use Operation Experience

The operation interface design of FL30P integrated satellite broadband portable terminal is based on the simple and intuitive user experience. The terminal does not need any assembly, and it is simple, convenient and compact for the satellite pointing. Even the personnel without the professional background of satellite communication or the experience of using the satellite portable station can

complete all operations only by checking the operation instructions or simple training.

Highly Reliable Maintenance

The traditional parabolic antenna form of the split, semi-finished satellite portable station needs more than one person to cooperate in transportation, temporary assembly, which is easy to cause damage to the components. The integrated design of FL30P integrated satellite broadband portable terminal reduces the failure point to the greatest extent, and has high reliability, which can be transported and used by one person.

Main Technical Specifications

Name  Integrated Satellite Broadband Portable Terminal

Model FL30P-M

Antenna Type Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna

Equivalent Aperture 0.3m

Antenna Efficiency ≥85%

Frequency Range

Rx: 10.70~12.75GHz

Tx: 13.75~14.50GHz

Polarization Dual Linear Polarization

G/T ≥10dB/K(25℃)


Rx: ≥32.5dBi@14.5GHz

Tx: ≥31.3dBi@12.75GHz

First Sidelobe

Az Plane ≤-14dB

Pointing Mode  Manual

Pointing Time  3 Minutes (typical)

Azimuth Range Unlimited, fine tuning ±5°

Elevation Range Coarse tuning 10°~90°, fine tuning ±5°

Polarization Range ±70°

Satellite Modem


Select models according to customer requirements, such as IQ200,

Newtec2500, Newtec2510, UHP210/220, etc

BUC 16W (8W optional)

Power Supply DC 24V ±5%, built in battery 240WH

Power Consumption 150W(16W BUC, Max)

Dimension L: 385mm W:345mm H: 80mm (Stowing)

Weight 6.5 Kg (typical configuration)

Ingress Protection IP67

Wind Resistance Level 7 wind works normally

Temperature -25℃~+50℃

Humidity 0~95%

Others Built in WIFI and Bluetooth function


Fl30P integrated broadband portable terminal can provide high-speed data channels for video, voice and data. It is applicable to the emergency communication scenes of the army, public security, fire protection and government emergency agencies, and widely used in the fields of earthquake relief, emergency repair of grid lines, flood control and drought relief, news gathering, etc. When the terrestrial network communication blind area and the temporary need to establish a special communication network, the network channel can be quickly opened to provide a reliable transmission link for various services.

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